Ottilia’s Ox


One villain, two older ladies and … one false Ox.

In an old house in the middle of nowhere the two older ladies Ottilia and Milva live in comfort. Suddenly a ringmaster stands in front of the door and give them an awed ox. They received the ox friendly in their home. But they can’t imagine what the intentions of the ox are.

Presumable from autumn of 2017 you can watch the film at this place.
  • Year of Production
  • Genre
  • Country of Production
  • Filming Locations
    Weimar, Germany
  • Duration of Shooting
    5 days
  • Completion
  • Language
    no dialogues
  • Runtime
    14:36 min.
  • Aspect Ratio
    1.78 : 1 (16:9)
  • Sound Mix